Amazon Store and Ad Content

I am part of the Amazon Associates program. Being a member of this program gives me the ability to set up a store where I can suggest different things that Amazon has to offer. There are two reasons for doing this. The first is that if you're in an out of the way place or even just a place where you might be having trouble getting hold of something I've reviewed, I can sort through Amazon and make it readily available for you. The second is that Amazon will give me four to seven percent of anything bought through my store or any of the Amazon links I post. I put as much time, effort and thought into Bleed For It as I can afford to (right now I have a part time job, I'm a full time student, I'm in a serious long term relationship, and we have a house on the market that gets cleaned top to bottom for every showing, so time is not something I have in abundance), so it seems fair to me to at least give myself the opportunity to make some small amount of money for that time and effort. I've been writing for free for years, and it's time I start thinking about how to start making some money doing what I actually love. This is one small way to start opening up that door. If you feel like checking it out and browsing around, check out The Bleed For It Boutique Of Tasty Cinematic Morsels.

I struggled for a good while about whether or not to do so and I've decided to add some advertising for exactly the same reason. I've tried to make sure it's as little a distraction and as unassuming as possible. Most people would say that's not the point of advertising. I didn't start Bleed For It to bombard anyone with bombastic advertising. If you feel I provide good content and a decent service, and one of the ads you see is appealing to you, click on it. The ads work the same way as the Amazon store, I get a small percentage of what you've bought at no extra cost to you.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to use the Amazon store or you buy anything through any of the ads, I appreciate the fact that you're reading. That's still the most important part of this as far as I'm concerned.