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If you've been a fan of film and read film journalism for any length of time (especially since the advent of the internet), you're familiar with the common varieties of lists. Personally, I'm kind of a fan for two reasons. They're often fun to write, and reading lists compiled by other people or outlets can be a great way to find films I wasn't already familiar with.

Keeping that in mind, this page will be dedicated to the lists I have written or will write. There will be some cross over, but sometimes that's inevitable. Either way, if you're looking for a quick way to find some recommendations, maybe some things you haven't seen before without having to scroll through all of my reviews, this is a good place to start. If I have a full review for a film that's on a list, I would recommend reading it if you're considering watching the film. The full reviews will, of course, have more detail as I like to keep each entry in the lists relatively short. They'll be listed in order from most recent to least recent, just to help keep it more current and probably a bit more interesting.

*Note: I'm going to be putting together lists of the horror films worth watching on both Hulu and Amazon Prime, so check back for those. Also, while going back through to collect the links for this page, I realized that on one or two of these entries, at one point or another one of the Blogger updates caused some formatting issues. Please forgive them for the time being and I'll get to fixing them at the first chance I get.

Highlights of 2013
This is a list of the films I saw in 2013 that I most enjoyed and most heavily suggest at this point. It's not necessarily the "Best of 2013," because there's not was to define what actually constitutes "Best".

Horror Films On Netflix Watch Instantly
Just like it says, it's a list of the horror films on Netflix Watch Instantly that I'd suggest or say are worth watching for one reason or another. This list was current according availability from Netflix as of 10/23/13, so it may not be completely current when you find it, but it should still have some good suggestions either way. As of this writing (11/6/13), I'm going to try to go through this particular list and update it every four or five months, so if it's not accurate when you check it, come back and try again at some point.

My Favorites Of The Aughts
There are my favorite films of the films that had been released between 2000 and 2010, of those I'd seen up to the time this list was compiled (of course).

The Hallowed Holiday Spirit 
This is a list of horror films that I'd suggest are specifically great for around the Halloween season. It was compiled in 2009, and though I might change it some now, I still suggest seeing all of the films on this list.

A Decade Of Horror: And It Was Good
This is a list of my favorite horror films or films with a heavy emphasis on horror elements from the same time period of 2000 to 2010. It was a great decade for the genre.

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