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If you're interested in connecting/following/interacting (whatever the hell else you'd like to call it) with me on any of the social networking sites I use you can click on the links below. I've included a bit of a description for exactly how I use each particular site, so that if you see something you feel might better fit your interests or is something that might be more useful to you, it should be apparent. I have a keen interest in disseminating information, so most of my social networking gets used that way, but some of it is just for fun or is used for being able to get an idea about my own behavior or interests.

I just started this Facebook page as I was putting together this list of social networking sites and tools. It somehow seemed ridiculous to leave the largest social networking site in the world off of the list.  Right now, there's not much to it. If it seems to start getting some traffic, I'll start focusing on it more, posting updates there, etc. I've got a Facebook page that I use as a personal page, but I tend to try to keep that to people that I've actually met or had some long term interactions with online, hence the need for another page. I'll be posting anything that I write that isn't exclusive to another outlet on the Facebook page, and if you like the page, post on the wall etc., I'll actually be the one answering, since this obviously isn't an enterprise being run by a bunch of automatons, and as you can probably tell, I definitely don't have a bunch of marketing people to "monitor" my social media.
When I'm not wrapped up in some other endeavor, I will also occasionally engage in conversations or debates across the Twitterverse. In case you may not have figured it out yet, I can be extremely sarcastic, and that often comes out in my replies to different users or the articles they tweet. I have fun with it too, as it's deadly to be deadly serious all the time. If you mention me in a tweet (@Alex_Anthony_) and let me know you found me through this blog, I'll follow you. I'd follow everyone who follows me, but I don't have the time to sort through which accounts are just ad bots and which are actually human beings.

Get Glue 
I love movies, which should be obvious at this point. I'm not always great at keeping up with updating my Get Glue account because, well, as you can see from this page, there's a whole hell of a lot of social networking to keep up with and since I do have my own blog dedicated to film and movie news, I'm not really all that keen on providing free content for anyone, but I will "Check In" with films and T.V. I'm watching, books I'm reading and music I'm listening to. I really wish there were a better social networking tool for film lovers, because I have yet to come across one that really seems to work well and gives the user the kind of experience that helps to create a real community around their love of film. 
Like music? Me too. I started using a few years ago just to get a better idea of exactly what I listen to most and to be able to get some recommendations on music I might not have been familiar with. At some point, I stopped using it for a while, but have recently picked it back up again and I need friends, so if you're a user, add me if you'd like.

I used to read a lot. In the last few years, the internet has taken up the free time I used to spend reading. I've recently been trying to get back to reading novels and books in general more. I'd rather not see my attention span deteriorate to the point of having an alarming similarity to a coked out five year old, and good, old fashioned books are the best way I know to push back against some of that deterioration. My reading habits are pretty eclectic. The reading I have done in the last few years has been almost exclusively non-fiction, but with focusing on reading more, I've gotten back to the habit of just kind of grabbing things that catch my interest or are suggested by friends.


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