Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Killer Movie

Maybe you're seeing a pattern here, but there wasn't meant to be one. I've ended up picking two consecutive films whose plots relate to films somehow.

Killer Movie is about a reality show crew shooting in some back country town when someone starts knocking off members of the crew and people in the town. This one succeeds in actually having a plot, and it also succeeds in being satirical and relatively entertaining.

This movie does a decent job of sending up a bunch of the cliche's of the horror genre, without being Scary Movie stupid. I've definitely seen worse movies. The last movie I reviewed, being one of them, by far. 

Killer Movie is well served by not being what it presents itself as. I was expecting a more straightforward, run of the mill slasher film, so it was fun to get something a little more unusual and which is actually trying to be a little bit smarter. This isn't a Scream kind of parody or satire either. It's as much a satire of the Hollywood stereotypes as it is of the horror films or reality television.

It actually does succeed in being a mystery. In watching the entire film, I didn't know what was going to happen or who it was that was doing the dirty deeds. I have to give them some credit for that. Considering the number of movies I watch, it's getting increasingly difficult for me to find a plot mystery I can't figure out in short order.

The short version of the story is that Killer Movie doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does work pretty well in the same way many of the slasher films from the eighties do. It is descended more from the original Prom Night or the old  Italian giallo's than it does with most of the films being released right now, including the remakes of those films. Killer Movie isn't exactly a killer movie, but it is entertaining, well done, and while the cast isn't exactly Oscar worthy, it almost makes the film work a little bit better because they are all a bunch of Hollywood wannabe's and rejects, they should act like bad actors, because they are bad actors, who want to be taken seriously.

It might not be for everyone, but if you're hanging around on a rainy day with a few hours to kill, you could do worse than Killer Movie.

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