Monday, November 02, 2009

Midnight Movie

If you go back and read the reviews I've posted here so far, you'll find that basically everything has been a recommendation. I was actually thinking recently that I would eventually have to write a review saying something less than positive about a film.

Midnight Movie, is that film. I found this horrendous turd on The Movie Channel's Video On Demand service. 

Honestly, I want to enjoy movies, especially horror movies. If a film has something it does extremely well, if it has one specific aspect which is truly well done, original or even really interesting and compelling, I can forgive many of it's mistakes.

The killer from a cult horror film is somehow coming out of the film and killing the theater goers who are watching the film. There are probably film makers who could do something interesting with this premise. These film makers didn't.

I could absolutely forgive poor production quality, really poor effects, soap opera quality acting, because I've seen them all before, in better films really. The thing is, there is nothing to redeem this film. There's just nothing here of any value or consequence. It's not even that kind of bad  which is infinitely entertaining. It's just bad, and that's it. There's nothing here to win you over. Even for the hard core horror fans, there's nothing inventive or new about the villain/slasher. He's a retread of a bunch of villians from past films, which really just makes you wish you were watching one of those films,  because they were all infinitely better.

Part of me really hates to say all of this because there was probably someone who really loved the idea of making this movie, and wanted very badly to make sure this was going to get made.The thing is, it's a bad movie, no matter how badly someone wanted it to get made.

I'm suggesting keeping Midnight Movie in the can and making sure it never makes it to a screen near you. This is a terrible, terrible movie. It is a turd.

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